Gimme Danger - San Diego Edition

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Welcome to what will hopefully be the first of many releases to come. 

Gimme Danger is a playlist containing bands from all areas of loud, energetic, genre defying rock. This time we picked San Diego, a city that was once known for its eclectic yet astonishing DIY scene from the mid 80s to the late 90s. Within the coming digital age trends and music scenes shifted amidst the decline of the record industry and all hope seemed lost. 

But now in 2018 it seems as though a wave of great yet relatively fresh blood has spawned from the ashes of this city, or maybe the rest of the world has just been sleeping. Needless to say this compilation is one wild ride. 

This is just a taste among a myriad of great bands alive and well in this city today. Soon not only will San Diego remain America’s finest city but also the most badass.