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Kool Kats feat. The Mystery Lights

Kool Kats feat. The Mystery Lights


'Not only did these bold young men reverse the direction – optimistically migrating east against the tide from the west coast, but they also landed in the wormy apple to immerse themselves in the action and diversity of New York City. They all share an apartment in Ridgewood, Queens - the basement of which they've converted into a makeshift rehearsal space. The Mystery Lights are living proof that vital contemporary music, in this case real-deal rock’n’roll, can still be dreamed, constructed, and performed in the Empire City.'

Check out our short conversation and their curated playlist below. 

Fresh Pots: I feel like I were to throw your playlist in a blender, I might get a pretty close mixture of The Mystery Lights’ sound. Am I far off? Are these some of your main influences?

The Mystery Lights: These are just some songs we've been listening to and digging on lately. Our influences are all over the place, we listen to a lot of different kinds of music stemming from many different kinds of genre's. I'm sure these will inspire new songs for the next record. 

FP: What did you grow up listening to at home?

TML: Billy Childish (everything he did), Velvet Underground, Television, Richard Hell, Sun Ra, The Kinks, MC5, Them, Dead Moon (everything by Fred and Toody), all the delta blues of course Blind Willie Mctell, Robert Johnson, also Country Joe and The Fish was a big inspiration. We also grew up listening to a lot of fuzz-driven 60’s garage rock comps like “Uptight Tonight”, “Nuggets”, “Back From The Grave”, the list goes on.

FP: When did you start seeking music out on your own?

TML: When we were younger (early teen years) we would make eachother little mix tapes of music we would come across. Sometimes just dig through CD's at our local music store and buy up whatever looked interesting. 

FP: Your label Wick Records is a subsidiary of Daptone Records, a mostly soul and funk label. How did that working relationship come about? 

TML: They came to a gig of ours last summer or the summer before that, cant quite remember. After the show, they approached us and invited us to check out their studio in Brooklyn. Being huge fans of everything Daptone does, we immediately accepted the invitation. We went to the studio and bonded heavily over our extremely similar taste in music, particularly garage rock and soul. Real raw, soulful, fuzzed out, nasty tunes, mostly from the 60’s/70's. We listened to tons of records and talked a lot about why we like what we like, seeming to all have the same opinions/likes/dislikes. It felt right.

So they told us about this idea of starting a rock n roll subsidiary, and asked if we wanted to be the first on it and make some records together. We said yes with no hesitation of course. Now we are family, and plan to make lots of records together! We  feel very honored to be working with them, and look forward to a long road ahead with the Daptone family. 

FP: How do you find new music now?

TML: Multiple ways. Digging deep in record bins till we find something that looks interesting. Also deep diving into Spotify / Youtube K-holes. One band/playlist leads to another and so on.

FP: What’s coming up for The Mystery Lights?

TML: We just finished a new 45 which is being mastered now, likely to surface soon. Then we have LP2 being mixed and finalized now, hopefully looking at a Fall/Winter release. 

As for upcoming tours, etc. June-end of August we'll be touring heavily in Europe. Then around Fall/Winter, we plan to do a full U.S./Canada tour around the Record Release. Lot's coming up! Stay tuned <3

FP: Lastly, how do you take your coffee?

TML: hmmmm



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