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Ayse Hassan (Savages, Kite Base)

Ayse Hassan (Savages, Kite Base)


No stranger to the rock game, Ayse Hassan (Savages, Kite Base), the calm, cool, collected bass player every band needs. We caught up with her earlier this fall while on tour with Nine Inch Nails with her latest project Kite Base.

Fresh Pots: When it comes to bass, you’re no pussy footer. So how’d you start, where’ve you been and where are you going?

Ayse Hassan: I was around 15 when I joined my first punk band. I couldn’t play bass but I didn’t need to - my lack of experience gave me the space I needed to explore my own playing style. My first cover was One Chord Wonders by The Adverts.  

I spent most weekends at my local record store buying as many CD’s as I could afford: Nirvana, NIN, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie - I wanted to hear it all. I was totally open to exploring genres and loved discovering things I considered new - I spent a lot of time exploring industrial music. As my love for music increased, so did my desire to create it, so I spent time learning how to play, joined multiple bands and played live as much as possible and I keep doing it to date..which is where I’m at now; playing shows, trying new formations, different sounds/ways of creating. 

FP: I caught you with Savages back in 2016 with Head Wound City, such an awesome show. How did that tour come to be? 

AH: We’re fans of the band - they’re fucking amazing.  It made sense - we were honoured.

FP: How’s the major label life vs indie?

AH: I’ve never been on a major, so I wouldn’t know.  But being on a indie label I have loved for years (Matador) was a great experience and I really do appreciate what we’ve achieved together. 

I also self release music as an independent artist (Kite Base and Esya), which is a challenge for a number of reasons - but as long as I can create, I’ll be happy as the music always comes first.

FP: Savages are on hiatus it seems, and you’re all off doing amazing side projects. How did Kite Base come to fruition? Must’ve been awesome to open for Nine Inch Nails. 

AH: I knew Kendra was a bass player, I eventually told her that I had always wanted to create a duo with two bass players - because of my love of low end and because I wanted to try something different from Savages. NIN support has been amazing, I have been a fan since I was 15…. I’m about to fly off for the New Orleans shows, I can’t wait to see them play again, they are one of my favourite live bands - their shows are awe-inspiring.

FP: Being from the UK would you say there are any notable differences between there and US in terms of music scenes? 

AH: Yes there are many differences but also lots of similarities. I’ve met some amazing people through both. 

FP: What can we expect in the foreseeable future?  

AH: Kite Base - 2nd record. Esya - 2nd EP.  I want to turn everything I’ve done over the past 8 years on it’s head and play in peoples living rooms or unusual spaces. 

FP: So what’s in your playlist and why?

AH: There’s something either in the beat or the bass that takes me somewhere else or there’s something interesting that occurs in the arrangement.

FP: Lastly, does Ayse partake in the consumption of coffee?

AH: Coffee, no but caffeine yes.  I love Matcha.

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