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Dale Crover

Dale Crover


Crover is best known as the drummer for the Melvins. He's also been the drummer for Men of Porn, Shrinebuilder, Crystal Fairy, and, for a brief time, Nirvana. He’s toured with Fantômas (!!!) ,  Off!, and Redd Kross.

The man is a humble living legend. We’re stoked to have him pick out some tunes and answer some questions for us.

Fresh Pots: Everyone knows that Aberdeen was (is?) a boring, gloomy, depressing little town now. what did you grow up listening to over there? Now did you form your friendships with Buzz and the Nirvana guys? 

Dale Crover: I grew up listening to Beatles,  Osmond Brothers, The Monkees’, Glen Miller, Kiss, Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Nuge... 

I met Buzz through Krist Novoselic. He’d brought Buzz to my house because they were looking for a drummer. I met Kurt thru Buzz not too long after I joined the band.

Dale, Buzz and The Lorax. 1987

Dale, Buzz and The Lorax. 1987

FP: Your collaborations are as eclectic and prolific as your own band, the Melvins. you’ve made music with Kurt Cobain, Teri Gender Bender, Mike Patton, Omar Rodriguez Lopez just to name a few. What's some of the best music your collaborators have turned you on to? and what have you shown them that they previously weren’t hip to?

DC: Jello Biafra turned me on to the Birds, the mod band from England with Ron Wood on guitar. I’m not sure what I might’ve turned him on to, but I’ve given him lots of records in the past and vice versa.

FP: Your solo record, 2017’s Fickle Finger of Fate was a refreshingly fun listen. It’s melodic and playful but still experimental and interesting. Any influences you drew from to make this album?

DC: Tons of influences! I don’t know where to begin. Some are pretty obvious: Bowie, Tom Waits, Neil Young...

FP: How do you find “new” music these days? do you have any new favorite bands? 

DC: I’ve always found out about music by word of mouth. It’s certainly easier to hear and find out new bands nowadays. I still search out older stuff I might not know about as well.

Newer bands I like are The Side Eyes, Lemon Twigs, All Souls, Mod Pods. I just added some Buck Owens to my library. I saw him play once. He was a ripping guitarist!

 FP: I’ve seen you DJ at The Casbah in San Diego (you signed my copy of Nude with Boots, thanks!), What do you like to play? And do you buy records with DJing in mind or for home listening, or perhaps both?

DC: Right! I DJ’d that record swap. I try to play to the crowd. The biggest response I got at the Casbah was from Live Evil by Miles Davis. I had a few people come up and ask what it was. That would not be the case at a place like the Cha Cha Lounge. It could be Metal, Punk or Soul there, depending on the mood.

The only reason I buy vinyl anymore is for DJ’ing. I like playing records when I DJ because it takes a bit more effort to cue up a record than it does to push play on a laptops. At home I mostly stream music though.

FP: Lastly, how do you take your coffee?

DC: I like to tan up my coffee, no sugar.

Gimme Danger #121018

Gimme Danger #121018

Terminally Chill #120318

Terminally Chill #120318