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Kool Kats feat. Isaiah Nery (Quali, Micelves, Five Paw)

Kool Kats feat. Isaiah Nery (Quali, Micelves, Five Paw)


We talked to Isaiah Nery, a man of many bands, who just so happened to be featured in this weeks' Gimme Danger playlist. Read the interview, find meaning to life’s bigger questions, and dive into San Diego’s eclectic music scene!

Fresh Pots!: So why Quali?

Isaiah Nery: Why the name? Quali comes from the philosophical word Qualia, Which basically means, a subjective feeling. How we perceive things on an individual level and how it pertains to us is something that just fascinates me. Just how everything is so relative and the weight we all put on things. I felt like that reflected the sounds that we try to make. I like to think that anyone can listen to Quali and hear or feel something else altogether. Second answer to "why Quali?": We just have to exist for the sake of it. Quali is the one project that helps me fully workout whatever feelings or demons I have going on in my own head. We all have things we need to get out of us somehow. This happens to be the best way I can. 

FP!: Hailing from San Diego, it’s rad to see more bands like yours getting weird. With that being said, how do you guys feel in a scene that seems to like to play it safe these days?

IN: This is a very tough question to answer. I mean, there is some really awesome art going on through out San Diego. I don't think it's about being weird or playing it safe. We don't live in an inherent entertainment city like LA or New York or something. You just have a bunch of creative people living in a chill ass city. Like I said earlier, everyone needs there outlet. Just getting on stage and playing in front of complete strangers is crazy enough. 

FP!: Aside from guitar in Quali, you also get down on bass in another band, Micelves. Both equally radical, do you find it hard juggling between the two? Although now you don’t need other bands to play shows with haha. 

IN: Haha yes it can be at times. I also play drums for Fivepaw on occasion. I devote most of my free time (if you can call it that) to the projects I'm working on. Quali is currently on a break, which has been both good and bad at the same time. On one hand, I've been able to try to rest and regather myself after playing in Quali without a real break since its inception 5 years ago. And on the other hand, I realized that I need to be working on it or else I get more depressed and fall in to this black hole.

FP!: Shoegaze seems to be pretty big in San Diego and now Tijuana as well, do you guys consider yourself a shoegaze band?

IN: I think at times we definitely can fall into that category. I'm a huge fan of the genre for sure. I guess it depends on what your definition of shoegaze is. I've always likened us more as space rock but it doesn't really matter to me. When someone asks me "What kind of music is your band?" I just say we are a 90s underground worship band. I think that might be most fitting.

FP!: Any big plans coming up for either project?

IN: Miceleves has a show coming up at Park & Rec (June 21st). Quali is currently setting up a west coast tour for later this summer. And hopefully we will start recording our next album later this year.

FP!: Lastly, we ask everyone, how do you like your coffee?

IN: Black cold brew please

Bitches Brew #052818

Bitches Brew #052818

Gimme Danger - San Diego Edition

Gimme Danger - San Diego Edition