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Kool Kats feat. MOD CON

Kool Kats feat. MOD CON


MOD CON! These lovely ladies have come to melt your faces. If you haven’t heard them by now, stop what you’re doing...Not only do they kick out the jams, but these radical aussies have been kind enough to enlighten us on what’s fresh these days in the land down under. Singer and guitarist Erica Dunn gives us the 411. So sit back listen, learn, and enjoy!

Fresh Pots: So tell us about mod con, are you modern conservatives? Modern conspiracy theorists? Modern con artists?

MOD CON: All of the above! Except for the conservative bit. Our record Modern Convenience sort of explores the ills of the modern world; it’s a good topic to explore even if we don’t have any solid answers. A lot of the lyrics on the record are tongue in cheek, but we are questioning where humanity is at and what our role in the future is. I’ve been preoccupied with the double-edged sword aspect of modernity, how we are more connected than ever but also more isolated and divided, how we have more technology and information available but we also seem to be more commandeered and privatised. The three of us in the band are old friends but this is a new project for us, so musically we were able to go anywhere. We really pushed each other with our writing styles, time signatures, harmonies… it was a fun, cool challenge.

FP: It’s good to hear things other than Tame Impala come out of Australia. With that being said, are there any other bands you feel like the world should know about from the land down under?

MC: You’ll be glad to know that this luddite has just downloaded Spotify in her mission to bring you a monster playlist of great current bands from the island known as Australia! Mostly from Melbourne where we live but a few from further afar. All the releases on the playlist are new except two, which are formative artists for the band, or me at least: Rowland S Howard and the Cannanes. So many of the bands I wanted to put up haven’t got their shit together enough to have something on Spotify so we’re sort of scratching the surface but it’s a good gloss over!

FP: Almost every living thing is Australia can kill you it seems. Is your sound influenced by your surroundings at all?

MC: Did you know, they just discovered the largest saltwater crocodile in the Northern Territory? 60 years old and 15 feet near Nitmiluk national park near Kathryn. Incidentally, I went swimming around there in the dry season last year and it was probably one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been lucky to travel to. Crocodiles are ancient and badass and remarkable. As usual, same here as anywhere humankind is the biggest killer.

FP: 2018 has been a pretty good year for rock, how do you guys feel about the current state of rock music and where it’s headed?

MC: Yeah, even the first six months of this year I have been flawed by how many incredible releases are coming out- even just in Melbourne! The relevance of genres is continually getting re-amped by folks who are pushing themselves and their craft to new places; breathing new life in. Occasionally, I’ll get bummed about things getting stale or worried that creativity is getting cramped by industry or economy, but it’s never very long before I see or hear something that rebukes that. Melbourne is an affirming place to live in that way.

MOD CON live at Melbourne's Tote Hotel. Image: Naomi Lee Beveridge.

MOD CON live at Melbourne's Tote Hotel. Image: Naomi Lee Beveridge.

FP: Have you ever had to fend yourselves from vicious cassowaries? 

 MC: Haha, I have never even seen a cassowary! They live way, way far north in the rainforests and may they continue to evade the general population! The only scary thing that’s around the city are snakes in the summertime but even then they’re pretty rare. The only thing I’m fending myself from day to day are jerks and squares (classic).

FP: What does the future hold for MOD CON, and more importantly when are you coming to USA!?

MC: We would love to come to the USA! No idea if we can pull that off but it’s definitely on the list of dreams, especially coming from a country that only has 8 capital cities to play in. At the moment we are just playing off the back of our first release, getting ready for summer and I’m starting just now to demo some new stuff too.

FP: Tell us about your playlist and why you chose these artists?

MC: I’m stoked with this playlist. It’s a bit all over the shop but I feel it’s a pretty good cross section of some great local releases. I love all the bands on here. It starts sort of lo-fi and covers wonky punk, d.i.y folk, electronica, instrumental, surf, doo-wop, rock n roll and rap. It also covers the MOD CON sister projects- our other bands that occupy the rest of our time; Golden Syrup, Various Asses, Harmony and Tropical Fuck Storm. At the very least if you’re interested in what’s coming out of this antipodean cassowary continent, you can jump down the rabbit hole here.

FP: Lastly how do you enjoy your coffee?

MC: We drink heaps of coffee. I think we would probably drink it any way at any time, delicious life giving broth!

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