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Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido De La Frontera)

Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido De La Frontera)


Luke Henshaw, a maestro with an MPC, is one half the ghetto blasting force behind Planet B. He schools us with some music for punk and hip hop heads alike. Check it out and keep an eye out for their latest album soon to be released.

Fresh Pots!: Tell us bit about your work, and how you linked up with Justin Pearson of Three One G?

Luke Henshaw: Well I play the MPC 2000xl sampler along with a Moog Sub 37 in Planet B. I pretty much use the same set up in my cumbia band Sonido De La Frontera, my hip hop crew First Power & breakbeat albums through out the years, some solo & some with Invisibl Skratch Piklz members D-Styles & Q-Bert. Gabe Serbian and I released Variations In The Key Of The Afterlife awhile back and I made it a point to not use any MPC at all. Just to challenge myself. As for linking up with JP, funny thing, the guy who introduced us actually gave us a 1 star on a past Planet B review. He was very generous. I ended up doing a remix to Jp's Pig's Orphan 12inch and that pretty much is what started Planet B.

FP: I love the fusion of hip-hop/punk/hardcore your sound has, all the best ways to say “fuck you”. Was this your plan all along or just the sum of your influences?

LH: Thank you. I grew up with all these genres. Both my roots and influences lie in First Power Crew, my family. But my sound is actually the result of being broke. When we started, my best friend Disko Rick (RIP) and I would head to the swap meets early on the weekends. I couldn't afford the all the fancy high priced records so I'd head to the 50 cent - dollar crates usually sold by tweekers. These albums were all beat up with tons of pops and scratches. So thats how I got the dirtiness in my sound. Eventually I started to prefer these crates. As for the heavy drums I'm fond of, that is the result of layering and layering, which if you ask Matt Coleman or Brent Asbury can get very annoying come the mix down phase.

FP: Planet B is such a great name. Does humanity deserve one?

LH: Thank you. I am constantly flip flopping my answer to this question. I refuse to think that the actions of a few morons represent all of mankind, so maybe if I was the gatekeeper to Planet B......

FP: You guys have collaborated with Kool Keith, so badass. Any future collaborations planned  or ones you wish could happen?

LH: On the new album JP and I collaborated with Keith along with Nick Zinner, Martin Atkins, Sonny Kay, Joseph Karam, Becky DiGiglio, Jack Najor & Gabe Serbian who did a lot of the live drums on the album. Believe it or not we have started working on new material and collaborations in the works, but I'd rather not say at the moment. 

FP: New album in the works? Shows planned? You’ve got Kevin Avery on drums, I recently got to record with him, such a beast! 

LH: The new album will be released on November 23rd via Ipecac Recordings & Three One G. We are in talks of hitting the road and playing shows yes & I can't wait . As for Kevin, he's so good and such a rad friend. Before we got him in the studio, I'd take his Instagram videos and loop them, then I'd layer them with my drums and sounds. Unfortunately he is not on the new album but he's on a great deal of the new(er) material we are working on. In fact I need to call him soon the schedule him back in the studio.

FP: So tell us about your playlist and why you chose these songs? 

LH: I have recently discovered a love for running. Trying to get in 30 to 50 miles a week, not every run is easy, in fact sometimes you think you're going to lose your mind and want to run right into oncoming traffic. So these songs have been currently helping me keep my sanity during long runs

FP: Lastly, coffee you drink it?

LH: I used to be a daily drinker, but these days I hardly have any. Maybe a cup or 2 a month if that. To be honest it gets me too wired and has me pacing back and forth in the studio, so I've cut it drastically out of my diet. 

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