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Miss New Buddha

Miss New Buddha


Out with the old in with new....buddha that is. Just barely a year fresh on the scene and already they’ve opened for the likes of Metz and Tera Melos to name a few. With only one song released to date where they’re headed is anyone’s guess. One half the guitar power, Jordan Krimston, shares their secrets.

Keep your eyes peeled for these youngsters for they’re sure to make some noise in your neighborhood soon.

Fresh Pots: Miss New Buddha is quite the name. So who is she and what happened to the old Buddha? But really what’s your story...

Miss New Buddha: Ol' Miss Buddha had a farm, E I E I O... We're trying to make a War on Christ while restoring the monster goddess to her throne. 

FP: You guys have gotten to open for some pretty great bands, Tera Melos, Metz and now soon San Diego legends No Knife. How’s the reception been so far?

MNB: We've been stoked to warm up the stage for a lot of great bands this year, and we're real excited for that No Knife show. Probably gonna collectively piss our pants on stage and short out one of cabs for the Nth time... Reception is usually dependent on our outfits. The crowd truly went wild for Shane's Primus dress... 

FP: What’s with the raccoons?!

MNB: On our IG? Just pics of our pals! 

FP: A lot of sweet riffage going on here. How do you lads go about writing?

MNB: There's 5 whole humans in MNB, so it can be a hassle to get us all together to jam. We'll usually write in fragmented groups and then bring whatever ideas we come up with to the rest of the band. From there we smash it up the best we can. 

FP: Smashmouth or Nickelback? 

MNB: Small Talk 

FP: What can we expect from Buddhaland in the near future? 

MNB: We've been workin on a dang record for what feels like forever... We're done tracking which is great. Just need to set up the most excellent situation we can for ourselves in order to properly put it out there... But it'll be out there this year, hopefully sooner than later 

FP: Finally, the elixir of life, coffee. Do you drink it?

MNB: Yes, Deathwish 100 percent emoji. Best Coffee ever, more of a utility than anything else though. Also mega S/O Dark Horse + Sheldon's + Public Square.

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