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Kool Kats feat. Rudy De Anda

Kool Kats feat. Rudy De Anda


Rudy De Anda (Porch Party Records) is bursting out of the musical melting pot of Long Beach, California. As frontman for the Long Beach psych-prog group Wild Pack of Canaries, Rudy felt the creative pull to begin a solo project that is currently catching fire.

We caught up with Dr. De Anda briefly to ask him a couple questions regarding his musical upbringing, taste and of course coffee.  Find his playlist below. 

Rudy De Anda is currently on tour with Adan Jodorowsky. Go see them! 

Fresh Pots: Tell us a little bit about your musical journey as a listener. Was there much music being played at home growing up? 

Rudy de Anda: A lot of rock en español, Leo Dan, Los Bukis, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and Bob Marley. At the time I was embarrassed of Spanish music but as I grew older I embraced it.

FP: Do you remember that first record or song that really made an impression on you?

RDA: 'La Puerta Negra' by Los Tigres del Norte. I just remember singing it all the time. My mom knew that was my favorite song.

FP: When and how did you start exploring new music on your own? Was it through the internet? Crate digging? CD shopping at sam goody? 

RDA: I was about 10 years old, I remember I asked my dad to buy me the Will Smith,  Eminem and Red Hot Chili peppers CDs. I would hit up Wherehouse Music and Tower Records. Those were the days.

FP: How do you find new music now?

RDA: My girlfriend and I are huge music heads so we are always showing each other stuff. Also just going to shows and finding similar artists to those I already follow. If you aren't finding it,  you aren't looking hard enough.

FP: What's a band you wish you could go back in time and see live?

RDA: Jimi Hendrix or The Smiths

FP: And lastly, whats your go-to coffee shop order?

RDA: I'm a simple man, Dark Roast coffee with a splash of half-and-half and a teaspoon of brown sugar. 

Bitches Brew #021218

Bitches Brew #021218

Kool Kats feat. Nick Montemarano

Kool Kats feat. Nick Montemarano