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"Meet your new favourite band: Vuelveteloca are Chilean psych-rock from Santiago. They have been busy picking up a notorious reputation amongst the ranks of fellow South American noiseniks Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple for their incredible live show." Fuzz Club

Mattson 2

Two is all you need. The Mattson 2 soothe the ears with their glossy surf jazz. We spoke with Jared (guitar maestro). Catch a glimpse of what they’re up to. If you’re on the west coast catch them on tour this month, otherwise dive into this tasty playlist they’ve made just for you.

Meg Remy

Meg Remy is easily one of the coolest front women today. She can sing as much as she can swing. Her band U.S. Girls are blazing the world right now with their funky and soulful jams. Make sure to check them out!